How does he work?

Bernard Claerhout is specialised in designing and crafting special handmade jewellery, in timeless collections that are toned down, and often architecturally constructed.

His studies, subsequently acquired skills and far reaching creativity, have made Bernard into a unique jewellery designer. After completing his watch making studies in Namur, he continued to study goldsmithery at the Sint-Lucas Hogeschool in Antwerp. In subsequent years, he has perfected his skills and developed into the jewellery designer and goldsmith that he is today.
Bernard instantly works out his inspiration or ideas three dimensionally, in gold and silver. When an idea presents itself, he starts working on it straight away, with no need for pen and paper, inspired by the fascinating aspects of coloured stones and diamonds in particular. When forging, he is gladly surprised and inspired by the compelling shapes and details he finds in selected stones. This creative and often experimental process leads to interesting answers (to questions that were possibly never posed). The results range from intriguing random shapes on the one hand, to the clean execution of a preconceived idea on the other. At all times, Bernard strives for the best balance, the greatest harmony and the most beautiful effect.

Ever since his graduation, Bernard has been self-employed and because of the close contact with his customers, he still very much enjoys working this way. Apart from his own collections, he also designs tailor made jewellery on demand. In this process, specific wishes and budget are never lost sight of, and upon request, the customer’s own gemstones or gold can be included in a suitable design.

Interested in a personal approach, designs or prices?

Send an email to or contact him via 0497/292 755.